New air-travel trend: passenger shaming

Blogs expose and photograph “bad” travellers

Aided by social media, “passenger shaming” is a new practice in which ‘bad’ passengers are photographed and shamed online. The infamous disruptive passenger taped to his seat on an Icelandair flight in January is just one example.
Smelly, drunk, belligerent or impolite passengers are becoming the victims of online forums after airline employees and customers have posted evidence of their terrible behaviour on the internet.
One flight attendant has been doing it for the last six years. Her blog,, now has more than 16,000 likes on Facebook. In January, she launched Passenger Shaming, a Facebook-based photo blog that features anonymous pictures of passengers behaving badly, documenting distasteful, unsanitary and hostile fliers – people who don’t flush after using the toilet, change their babies’ dirty diapers in their seats, have sex on the plane or do drugs.
[photo courtesy Icelandair]