New airline fees likely in 2013

Expect new ancillary options and fees this year

Airlines are investing in marketing and tech to think of new ways to dig deeper into passengers’ wallets and purses. The trend may be that airlines will start to bundle five or ten services at a time, and give passengers the option of choosing two or three at a discount, says Carrie DeMoss, manager of product strategy at Airline Tariff Publishing Co (ATPCO), an airline-owned fare-data clearinghouse in the US.
For example, airlines may give passengers the choice of a checked bag, a seat assignment, priority boarding, lounge pass and a meal, and say that two or three together can be bought at a discount – say, $25 instead of $30 as standalone choices. Airlines think that simply offering a discount on ancillary services would be enough to get more passengers to buy them. Or a customer could buy an annual airport club membership and get four free on-board Wi-Fi sessions, for example.
[photo courtesy Copenhagen Airport]