Airport to rise in Nordic mountains

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Construction begins on new airport on Sweden-Norway border
Construction workers have broken ground on the development of a new airport serving ski resorts in both Sweden and Norway, designed to benefit municipalities in the Sälen region including Trysil, Idre and Engerdal.
The airport, to be located on the Swedish side of the border, will be called Scandinavian Mountains Airport and is about a 40-minute drive from Trysil in Norway. The aim is to attract skiers from all over the world.
“This is a unique project that will serve two countries, on the border between Sweden and Norway,” declared Brett Weihart, director of the new airport.
Due for completion two years from now, the airport project is owned by around 30 local and regional investors. The price tag is SEK 1.1 billion (€115 million), including SEK 250 million in state funds.
The Swedish construction company Peab will build phase 1 of Scandinavian Mountains Airport, including runways, taxiways, standing surface and accompanying service areas.
NRK / Norway Today / TTG Nordic

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