New attraction opens in Oslo

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Treetop walkway easily reached by public transport
A new attraction in Oslo has just opened – a 260-metre walkway among the treetops at Stovner to the northeast of the city, which can be visited by the public at any time free of charge.
The walk up to the highest point of the attraction, which opened last week, stretches between tree trunks, foliage and the open air, and is designed to feel like a stroll into the sky.
By evening, Stovner Tower (Stovnertårnet) is “decorated with beautiful lighting”, according to Visit Oslo.
Located at Fossumberget behind the Stovner Shopping Centre, the closest metro station is Stovner, about 600 metres from the tower. Paths lead up from the shopping centre.
Designed by architects Link Landskap, the tower was built in collaboration between the Municipality of Oslo’s Agency for Urban Environment and the District of Stovner, with funding from the city’s Groruddalen project.
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