New battle for the skies: in-flight connectivity

Airlines are preparing to fight for the connectivity battlefield

In a tight market, in-flight connectivity is likely to become a way for airlines to win passenger loyalty. Getting new systems onboard, many of them using satellite technology will cost millions, but one avionics expert predicts that the top 50 to 60 airlines in the world will be forced to make a decision about it over the coming 12 months. The news will be not which airline has just announced a new deal to obtain satellite-based connectivity for its aircraft but what is being installed and on how many planes.
Such a major investment may depend on other cost factors, such as the price of oil. But the sheer demand from people who want to maintain their connectivity during flights will inevitably push airlines to invest in this area quickly. Airlines such as Lufthansa, JetBlue and SouthWest Airlines have already made significant progress.
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[pictured: Lufthansa’s in-flight internet service]