New developments on Scandinavian Star tragedy

Danish ship inspector has broken his 26-year silence
A Danish ship inspector has broken his 26-year silence about a fire aboard the Scandinavian Star ferry that killed 159 people in 1990. He said over the weekend that the fire was deliberately and professionally made by two crew members.
Retired inspector Flemming Thue Jensen said in a number of interviews with the Danish and Norwegian media that the tragedy was the result of sabotage.
As previously reported, flames took the lives of 159 people as the ship sailed from Oslo to Frederikshavn in Denmark on April 7, 1990. Norway launched a fresh investigation into the disaster in June 2014. Charges against a Danish truck driver who died in the fire were dropped in 2014 when a police report said there was not enough evidence to blame him.
“If the Norwegian police had spoken to us and investigated the case more thoroughly, the case would have been resolved in 1990,” Jensen said to Norway’s TV2. “I will not go in to details because then I would identify the person in question. I will not name the person – the Norwegian police must do that. Not me.”
The case should be “as easy as a bicycle theft” for police to solve, he added.
Iron bed frames were rammed against fire doors, Jensen said, and a door to the upper car deck was kept open to feed the fire with oxygen. The crew members later set a third fire, he claimed. Only people with knowledge of the ship could have set the fires.
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