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New fees at Norwegian and SAS

Adjustments this year at both SAS and Norwegian mean some passengers will have to pay a bit more.

Passengers flying Norwegian can no longer change seats at airport check-in without paying for it, while at SAS a number of elite customers will lose their luggage advantage.

The new rules at Norwegian are already in force. If a passenger wants to sit in a different seat, the price it will cost varies from route to route, Norway Today and the online business newspaper E24 write.

“Anyone who books a trip with Norwegian will be allocated seats automatically,” Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen, communications manager at Norwegian, tells E24.

“Those who want to secure their favourite seats, or who want a guarantee to sit together, will pay a little extra for that. In order for the same practice to apply to everybody, it will no longer be possible to choose a seat for free when checking in on a machine.”

Customers who buy a ‘flex’ ticket, meanwhile, or who have pre-ordered their seats can, according to Sandaker-Nielsen, change their seats online or via the airline’s app.

Travel light
At SAS, customers will also experience some changes this year. From May 7, silver, gold and diamond customers will have to pay if they want to check in their luggage when flying with the airline’s low-cost Go Light check-in arrangement, according to E24.

Since the company introduced Go Light, Eurobonus customers have had the opportunity to bring one or two suitcases depending on their status level. It is this advantage that is now over.

“SAS Go light is a product that applies if you travel without baggage. This is a reminder of our concept, even when it comes to status customers,” says Knut Morten Johansen, communications manager at SAS tells E24.

He recommends that passengers travelling with luggage should fly using the SAS Go ticket class.

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