New full-body scanners may calm radiation fears

Airports in Asia are considering installing radiation-free scanner

Fears continue to be expressed about the amounts of radiation emitted by full-body scanners. However, a small company in the UK says it has produced a new scanner that creates absolutely no radiation. Instead, Thruvision’s scanning device reads the tiny levels of radiation that humans themselves emit and finds any suspicious sources of radiation. It does not reveal parts of the body. And in tests it has successfully uncovered concealed items such as a handgun and a knife as well as a small coin. Airport authorities in Asia, including Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, are reported to be considering installing Thruvision scanning devices. One is already in use at Bermuda International Airport
[pictured: Thruvision scan showing stick of dynamite, 35ml of fluid in trouser pocket, knife hidden in sock, handgun at lower back, coin in pocket;]