New guide to drinking on cruise ships

All-you-can-drink packages are a hot cruise trend
Cruise Critic has just published a guide to drinking on cruise ships. It includes a guide to the vessels’ best bars and best wine bars, the eight finest cocktails, the best ships for craft beers and more.
Among the practical stuff cruisers should know is the fact that alcohol policies vary a great deal from one cruise line to the next.
Some allow passengers to bring their own wine on board, while others will confiscate any alcohol they try to bring through at embarkation. Each line’s alcohol policies should be checked beforehand.
There is also a handy guide to cruise line all-you-can-drink packages, which appear to be one of the hottest cruise trends this year. To avoid racking up the bar bill by losing count of all the pricey frozen umbrella drinks, an “all you can drink” package should be considered. There are also tips and advice, particularly for people considering a cruise for the first time.
The guide can be viewed here.
Cruise Critic

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