New hotel innovations for the bathrooms

Five hotels in Asia and Europe have employed some eyecatching devices

Not all of the innovations are happening in the guest room bedrooms. They taking place in the bathrooms too, where it’s not only heated floors that attracts new guests.
At the Astor Hotel Tianjin, small TVs are fitted behind the bathroom mirror so that the image appears on the mirror itself.
At the new W Hotel London that opened in Leicester Square this week, rooms no longer recognise bathrooms and bedrooms as two different spaces but flow into each other. The dressing table doubles as a dining table or workstation.
In the Royal Suite at the Four Seasons Beirut a sauna, steam room and whirlpool are placed in the bathroom so that guests can relax in privacy instead of having to venture out to the hotel spa.
The wardrobe can be accessed from the bathroom as well as the bedroom at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong – handy if you want to get dressed straight from the shower.
The toilet covers rise automatically at the Peninsula Tokyo and the seats are heated, while guests can synchronise their bathroom phones with their own mobiles and Skype.
Business Traveller Asia-Pacific
[pictured: W Hotel London]