New London airport aims at 2 million pax by 2020

“These 60 jobs are the first of many” in fresh recruitment drive.

Passengers flying to the UK from short-haul destinations are getting another option for an airport to fly to as London Southend Airport grows to serve 2 million passengers per year by 2020. It has started to recruit the staff it needs to become a fully functioning regional airport by 2012. By extending its runway it will be able to attract airlines operating commercial passenger services.

A new control tower will be fully operational from next month and a rail station connecting with central London will be completed early this year. A new passenger terminal is also under construction. In a fresh wave of recruitment, the airport is looking for people with a range of skills to fill approximately 60 new positions. This follows a number of appointments for roles at the railway station, made in late 2010. Roles available include an operational duty manager, operational agents, handling agents, passenger service agents, fire service personnel, accountants and coffee shop supervisors and assistants.

“At last we are now beginning to see all the developments we have been planning starting to happen – the building of the new terminal, the new control tower, railway station and hotel – and so we now need to start recruiting,” the airport’s managing director, Alastair Welch, said. “This wave of recruitment is just the beginning of the local job creation.”


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