New long-haul flights for Swedes and Danes

But more flights may be cancelled if runway is closed
Plans to expand the busiest airport in the Nordics may create 17 new long-haul routes, with southern Swedes to benefit as well as Danes.
Copenhagen Airport is under 30 minutes away from Malmö by train, making it closer than for many Danes. It has just revealed plans to add a range of new destinations and increase capacity to 40 million passengers a year.
In a DKK 20 billion (€2.7 billion) expansion, CPH wants to add 17 long-haul routes to the existing 36, doubling the size of the aircraft stands area to 1,900,000sqm.
SAS and other airlines are still critical of a plan to scrap one of the runways to make way for the new stands. This ‘cross runway’ is sometimes used if there are strong winds. But the airport stresses it will not compensate airlines if they cannot fly in future due to the runway’s closure.
The airport says the expansion will create 9,000 new permanent jobs in addition to the construction jobs needed during the building period.
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