New mobile tool for pilots to improve safety

Austrian and Sabre launch mobile flight planning tech
Austrian is the world’s first airline to launch a new mobile solution to be used in the cockpit, designed to improve the safety of flights.
Developed by Sabre, eFlight Manager will enable real-time air-to-ground NOTAM hazard alerts and weather and flight-plan updates throughout flights.
Austrian Airlines is a long-term customer of Sabre’s AirCentre Flight Plan Manager and worked with Sabre to develop the solution’s new mobile extension.
The technology enables airlines to access digital flight planning information at any time, anywhere. Sabre says that this will help to further improve the safety of flights by providing pilots with the necessary data to track and avoid bad weather. Airlines will also be able to adjust fuel calculations based on this knowledge.
A small test group at Austrian Airlines has been using the solution during flights on tablet devices.
“Through integrated systems and real-time downloads of the latest flight data, Austrian Airlines has been able to achieve a common view between pilots and dispatchers, enabling greater efficiency in flight planning,” Sabre says. “The solution will also help the airline improve post-flight analysis and planning by synchronising aircraft and ground-based data.”


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