New Nordic airline ends in bankruptcy

Fly Nonstop stops its Kristiansand flights

The recently launched full-service airline Fly Nonstop has filed for bankruptcy. Its offices in Kristiansand are now closed to the public and the carrier’s single aircraft has been grounded.

“This is a sad day for the region and for Fly Nonstop,” founder Espen Hennig-Olsen told state broadcaster NRK.

Hennig-Olsen, an heir to the Hennig-Olsen ice cream brand fortune, was reported to have invested much of his inheritance in the airline. As previously reported, Kristiansand-based Fly Nonstop launched in April with a single 100-passenger Embrær 190 aircraft. It began flying to eight cities including Paris, Berlin, London, Stockholm and Parma.

However, the routes to Berlin, Paris and Stockholm were soon cut due to lack of interest, despite the introduction of discounted fares. It proved difficult to operate round-trip schedules with just one aircraft.

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[image courtesy Flynonstop]