New Nordic cruise line finalises design

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Norwegian Yacht Voyages has rebranded from Nordic Cruise Company
Norwegian Yacht Voyages, a start-up recently rebranded from Nordic Cruise Company, has finalised a ship design. It is planning four luxury cruise yachts, the first of which will sail as M/Y Caroline.
The LNG-powered ships will be 174 metres long, with space for 220 guests and 160 crew, and suite sizes range from 45 square metres to 140 square metres. Power will also come from hydrogen fuel cells and battery banks.
The plans are to build four vessels at Metalships & Docks, Spain, in 10-month intervals.
“We are convinced that our extreme focus on sustainable sea travel and our new innovative solutions will be raising the bar for new stricter regulations for sea travel, not only in environmental-sensitive areas but on all seas around the world,” said Ulf Henrick Wynnsdale, president and CEO.
“While many claim to be hybrid vessels, they are mostly referring to their installed battery banks for so-called peak-shaving,” he continued. “Peak-shaving is where batteries give the extra energy needed at times, rather than additional diesel generators be required to start up, hence reducing emissions. However, these hybrid vessel would never be able to operate without some diesel generator(s) running.”
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