New Nordic cruise line to launch

Norwegian Cruise Company plans newbuilds for 2019-20
Another new cruise line is planning to launch, and this time it’s a Nordic one. Oslo-based Norwegian Cruise Company intends to start operations in 2019, with an ultra-luxury 180-pax ship.
Ulf Henrick Wynnsdale, chief executive, says that the brand and product messaging are for an ultra-luxury adventure cruise line offering the experience of a mega yacht.
“The research we have seen in the market points toward smaller ships,” he tells Cruise Industry News. “It will be a more adventurous product, and at the same time the ultra-luxury part of that segment doesn’t have a lot of capacity.”
Between 2019 and 2020, the line plans to build up to six 90-suite ships designed for polar operations, with several letters of intent with shipyards allegedly already signed.
“We want to have flexibility to go anywhere, and when you are building a ship, adding polar class is not that big of a deal,” Wynnsdale says. “It’s very early in the project. Our itineraries will be including the polar regions where we see demand.”
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