New Nordic manager at Thomas Cook

Magnus Wikner comes to the job the long way round



Magnus Wikner has come a long way from being program host for Club 13 in Crete in 1985. He is stepping up to become the new chief executive for Thomas Cook’s Northern Division from this month.

“It is an incredible honour to have this responsibility,” he tells Travel News. “I’m delighted and amazed but humbled by the task.”

After his days at the Sunwing resort in Crete and years spent abroad, Magnus worked as market analyst and marketing manager at the then Vingresor. He was later director of marketing for Ving Group and later brand director for MyTravel Northern Europe.

In 2002, he left the charter world for McDonald’s and from 2006 worked as marketing director for ICA grocery stores. In early 2011 he returned as CEO of Ving, but was then recruited by Thomas Cook’s former Nordic chief executive Lars Lofgren, who has now chosen to step aside and leave the company.

“It’s extremely sad that Lars has chosen to leave, he has been a highly acclaimed director and has been a personal friend of mine for 26 years,” Wikner said.

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