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Magnetic MRO

New SAS planes to be inspected in Estonia

SAS signs up Magnetic MRO for the maintenance of its new Airbus A320neo.

SAS has entered into an agreement with Magnetic MRO in Estonia for the maintenance of the airline’s new Airbus A320neo aircraft, writes.

Passenger aircraft undergo continuous inspection, depending on how many hours the plane in question has been in the air and how many of the high-stress take-offs and landings have been completed.

A so-called A-check is often made by the airline’s own mechanics at the home base for every 400 to 600 hours the plane has been in the air or for every 200 to 300 flights.

But for the more complex C and D checks, airlines often select a certified workshop that is specialised in oversight to send the planes to.

SAS has forged a Total Technical Care agreement with Magnetic MRO, based in Tallinn, to supervise its new Airbus A320-200neos. From this coming autumn until winter 2020, Magnetic MRO will make 23 checks on the SAS aircraft.

“Ready and steady”
“We are delighted that SAS has selected Magnetic MRO for the A320Neo aircraft’s base maintenance support,” says Magnetic MRO Base Maintenance Director Sergei Shkolnik.

“This is a historic deal for us, as the Airbus A320Neo Family is still a very young generation and not an everyday aircraft type you see in Estonia.

“At Magnetic MRO, however, we don’t wait for new agreements to train our staff against new capabilities. We are always ready and steady for new challenges, and looking forward to delivering a superior service as expected.”

SAS currently has 16 A320-200neo aircraft with two more on their way. Eventually it will have 30 aircraft of this type, which will be registered in Ireland and operate on an Irish operating license for Scandinavian Airlines Ireland.

Magnetic MRO is already a partner for SAS and has a customer list including some of the biggest airlines in Europe. Last November, it opened its purpose-built Paint Hangar’s doors for operation (pictured), saying that the hangar was already booked for the next six months by both existing and new customers.

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