New soundscape experiment at airport

Music for airport designed to generate calm atmosphere
A new sound experiment is underway at Helsinki Airport. In the Terminal 2 check-in area, the idea is to generate a calm atmosphere and relaxing experience for passengers in the terminal and security control areas.
“Our new soundscape is a blend of music and natural and technologically-created sounds,” Johanna Metsälä, customer experience manager at airport operator Finavia, explains. “This is definitely not about piped music, played on a continuous loop. The soundscape can combine the sound of flowing water, birdsong and music, for example.”
According to Metsälä, a well-designed soundscape can have a positive impact on people’s well-being and the way they react to situations.
The new soundscape trial is driven by Finavia’s desire to reduce stress levels and provide a calmer atmosphere in the terminal, especially the security control areas, which can often be a source of anxiety. The soundscape can be heard in the terminal on alternate days.
The airport soundscape is constantly evolving, Finavia claims, and the same patterns are never repeated. The sounds are created using software programmed to constantly generate new sound combinations. Passengers making their way through the airport may not even have perceived the presence of the new sounds as they are intended to blend imperceptibly with the atmosphere and venue.
“We are monitoring passengers’ reactions and will be conducting surveys and other research projects throughout the trial period. Passengers can rate their experience in a number of ways, including using the emoticons on our survey app. We want to find out whether the right soundscape delivers positive effects at the airport,” Metsälä says.
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