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Now available for booking at (photo: Miss Clara, Stockholm)

New Swedish hotel booking site links with Novasol

The recently launched accommodation booking site has joined forces with holiday specialist Novasol.

The new accommodation booking site and holiday rental specialist Novasol have joined forces, where anyone searching for somewhere to stay via also has direct access to all of Novasol’s cottages and cabins in Sweden. lists only Swedish hotels and other accommodation, describing itself as “an opportunity to book quickly and easily without lots of distractions and questionable offers”.

It sets itself apart from the competition by “marketing the world’s most beautiful country and the value of travelling within the country’s borders”. For now, it focuses on a national audience and the site is in Swedish language only.

“This is a great and important step for,” says chief executive Björn Mortensen about the new collaboration with Novasol.

“Through this cooperation, our customers can browse and choose from about 3,000 cottages in Sweden. Together with the hotels that we convey, this strengthens our position and long-term goal for the Swedish market.”

Cottage owners
Novasol’s chief executive, Thorbjörn Fredman, adds that there are benefits for his own company too.

“We need to be seen in more channels in order to be able to give our customers, the cottage owners, the supply with the biggest potential. Having as a partner feels very rewarding. We look forward to a successful year for Novasol.”

The new accommodation booking site launched a few months ago “after over a year of hard work”.

“We see that the market is in need of a consumer-friendly booking site where you click your way to your destination in an easy way,” Mortensen said at the time.

“Our [competitor] colleagues are taking market shares like never before. It’s time that someone dares to take up the fight and get into the ring. We’re doing that.”

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