New taxi app eyes Denmark as Uber leaves

Fast-growing transport app Taxify looks at Danish market
After US-based Uber pulled the plug on its transportation business in Denmark last week, an Estonian-based app is now ready to fill the vacuum.
Uber announced that April 18 would be its final day of operations in Denmark following a new taxi law that “will prevent chauffeurs from using their own cars and sets obsolete demands regarding expensive taximeters and seat sensors in the cars – functions that a smartphone can just as easily solve,” it said in a press release.
However, it will retain around 50 specialists in Aarhus as part of its global tech development team.
Last November, Denmark’s Eastern High Court ruled that Uber was an illegal taxi service, upholding a previous ruling by the Copenhagen City Court.
Now Taxify, one of Europe’s fastest growing transport apps, is looking for fleets to enter Denmark because Uber is withdrawing.
“Taxify is operating with both private drivers and taxi drivers, which is why we wouldn’t have the same problems as Uber has,” co-founder Martin Villig tells the Copenhagen Post.
“We have to consider the legal situation, which is why we would enter Denmark with taxi drivers only. Why Denmark? We see great potential in the market.”
Besides being prevalent in much of Central and Eastern Europe, Taxify is also present in South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya and Egypt. It says it provides better conditions for drivers than Uber.
Copenhagen Post


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