New taxi system to start at Copenhagen Airport

System to save drivers 330,000 hours of queueing at CPH
A new taxi management system will be put into action at Copenhagen Airport this summer to reduce idle time for taxi drivers as well as provide more space and improve service to travellers, the airport says.
DanTaxi and 4×48 TaxiNord, operators with combined fleets of almost 950 taxicabs in the Greater Copenhagen area, are the first to sign an agreement with CPH about setting up a taxi management system at the airport. All taxi firms active in the capital can sign the agreement.
The system, already in operation at other airports such as Stockholm, Frankfurt and Paris, will ensure that the number of taxis at the airport matches passenger demand through an information system that continuously provides digital updates to taxi firms about demand.
Taxicabs currently wait an average of 42 minutes for a fare at Copenhagen Airport. The target is a 50% cut in this waiting time, to an average maximum of 20 minutes. This will save taxi drivers 330,000 hours of queueing a year, the airport estimates, substantially reducing their environmental impact.
“The system has long been underway, and we are pleased that it will now be implemented,” said Carsten Aastrup, chief executive of TaxiNord. “We are confident it will help increase our revenue and lift the level of service provided in taxi rides. It is exactly the right forward-looking initiative to generate growth in our industry.”
TTG Nordic