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Photo: SJ

New tech to ease rail travel from Sweden

A new digital solution is being prepared, which will allow people in Sweden to book international rail journeys.

As more and more Swedes are opting not to travel by plane, the national rail operator SJ thinks the time is right to relaunch bookings for services to other countries.

A new online system is being prepared that will allow consumers to buy seats on rail journeys from Swedish stations to, for example, Copenhagen, Oslo and other cities in Europe.

At the moment, passengers must use unfamiliar sites that may not be in English as there is no common booking system for European train travel.

SJ stopped offering a wide array of international journeys some years ago due to poor demand.

Now, however, the rail firm, which was recently named Europe’s most digital transport company, aims to bring back bookings for more journeys beyond Sweden’s borders with a new digital solution.

“It’s not a full-scale solution but we’re going into a system that will make it easier to book,” SJ communications chief Tobbe Lundell tells the TT news agency, as reported by The Local.

In time for summer
Different rail companies will be connected to the system so that passengers can plan routes all in one place.

Although buying an entire journey through SJ’s platform may not be possible, “we are going to make it easier to book some of the most popular destinations, for example France, Italy and Germany,” Lundell says.

He did not say when the new system will be ready – only that Swedes will be able to use it to plan their summer holidays.

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