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Photo: easyJet

New tech turns photos into bookings

easyJet and Travelport have created a new app feature allowing users to book a trip using just one inspiring photo.

In what is being billed as an industry first, easyJet has unveiled a new feature on its app that lets customers instantly book flights using just a photo – without them even having to know the destination.

To be put into action, Look&Book needs just a couple of clicks while looking at Instagram photos. Users who are browsing Instagram to take screengrabs of photos of places they like the look of, can then share them with, or upload to, the app.

Look&Book then uses image recognition techniques to identify the location to match the photo to easyJet’s approximately 1000 destinations on offer throughout Europe.

The new app feature recognises the destination and also suggests the nearest airport, entering these details straight onto the booking form.

The image recognition technology has never been applied in this way before, according to easyJet and its partners in developing the feature, namely travel tech firm Travelport and the creative agency VCCP.

Look&Book is being promoted with a social and DOOH (“digital out-of-home”, i.e., marketed to consumers who are on the move) campaign, which will also include a launch film. The app is available only in English.

Daydreams to reality
“Look&Book will help people to further explore Europe with ease and open up new destinations and previously hidden holiday locations for a range of customers,” thinks Daniel Young, head of digital experience at easyJet. 

“It’s fantastic how technology is enabling us to enhance and streamline the customer search and booking experience.”

Cormac Reilly, vice president for traveller engagement solutions at Travelport, adds: “This new feature unites mobile technology with social media, two areas that are playing an increasingly significant role in shaping the traveller experience to deliver an inspiring new way to book travel.”

Summing up the experience, David Masterman, creative director at VCCP says: “We’ve all seen places on Instagram and wished we could just be there. The beauty of Look&Book is how easily it makes those daydreams become reality.”

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