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New travel guide to marijuana in the US

A new website advises visitors to the US where to find legal ‘420-friendly’ lodging, cannabis clubs and dispensaries.

With more than a dozen states in the USA legalising the recreational sale of marijuana, marijuana tourism is becoming one of the country’s fastest growing industries.

Now there is a travel guide in the form of a website for people visiting the US looking for what the site calls “420-friendly lodging” and other legal weed-centric hotspots.

The term 420 is used to refer to cannabis or to the act of smoking it, and April 20, abbreviated ‘4/20’ in the US, is considered an occasion for celebrating cannabis smoking.

The new website,, promises to be a hub for tourists seeking ‘pot tour’ guides, recreational dispensaries, cannabis clubs, 420-friendly hotels and places where those who want to explore cannabis can do so safely and legally.

It seeks accurate and complete information “for travellers to make educated decisions on marijuana tourism”, especially as this is a fluid and ever-changing landscape where cannabis tourism industry rules and regulations are still evolving.

Grass tours says it works closely with 420-friendly destinations in each state that has legalised or decriminalised recreational marijuana use.

“The cannabis tourism rush is here,” declares the website’s founder Timothy Vee.

“As more and more states legalise and decriminalise recreational marijuana, millions of people around the world who want to explore what these states have to offer are turning to the internet to book their 420-friendly vacations.”

In addition to vacation packages, it has ‘420 tours’ currently available in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. The site also has a list of more than 250 (and growing) recreational dispensaries across the country.

“Look at how the craft beer boom changed the country,” says Vee. “People now travel all over the world touring microbreweries. The craft bud boom is even bigger because none of this existed in the US ten years ago.”

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