New trend: kids’ bedtime perks at luxury hotels

Children can “raid the fridge” and enjoy an in-room spa

Luxury hotels are helping to ease the stress of travel with young children in a new trend of offering bedtime treats. And it’s more than just milk and biscuits.

“Parents want their kids to be as entertained as they are on a vacation, in a safe environment that makes them all feel as comfortable as they do at home,” lifestyle expert Sally Horchow explains. “This will no doubt influence all aspects of the travel industry in the very near future.”

Kids lucky enough to be staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, for example, are invited to put on their pyjamas and “raid the fridge” on Saturday nights between 19.00 and 22.00.

At the Waldorf Astoria Chicago a program called Nighty Night for Children is a $40 in-room spa set with bath toy, “lavender bath ice cream” and lotion designed to help kids fall asleep. The Benjamin Hotel in New York provides small-sized robes and special pillows while teaching about the importance of healthy bedtime hygiene.


[photo courtesy The Benjamin Hotel, New York]

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