New website puts wealthy in touch with attractive

Those who have money to travel contact those who lack a budget

A controversial new website has been launched that aims to bring together people who have the means to travel a lot with “attractive” people who are “open minded people who loves [sic] to travel, but lacks the budget to do so.” The idea behind Miss Travel is for people who travel regularly to find companionship while on the road. Attractive users sign up for free, while “generous” travellers willing to pay travel expenses for beautiful companions to join them can also join free-of-charge – but pay a fee if they want to communicate with any of the lovely-but-broke individuals who have posted their profiles on the site.
Relationship expert Logan Levkoff cautions, “Relationships steeped in equality, mutual respect and intimacy do not begin with ‘Fund my travel experience because I’m hot’.”
[image courtesy Jpatokal/NASA]

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