New York Times lauds Copenhagen dining

Danish capital wins the world’s gourmet tourists

“Not since the ‘90s, when El Bulli’s establishment as the most heralded restaurant in the world sparked a culinary transformation in northeastern Spain, has a city changed its image as an eating destination the way Copenhagen has done recently, leaving the rest of Scandinavia — and indeed Northern Europe — to catch up.” So begins a recent article in the New York Times, raving about the Danish capital’s eating revolution.
It’s no longer just about the city’s most famous restaurant, Noma. Relae is a relatively new restaurant set up in association with Noma, while Geist takes creative risks with its food and is (mostly) successful. Paustian and Schonnemann, both well established, offer highbrow culinary gifts. At all of them, every second guest appears to be a tourist.
New York Times
[photo courtesy Noma]