New Zealand to boost marketing after The Hobbit

International visitor arrivals up 52% since Tolkien franchises
Promotion work by Tourism New Zealand in a post-Tolkien franchises world will continue in earnest, with a budget that is 10% larger than in 2014.
There has been a 52% increase in total international visitor arrivals since The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies, and over one in ten leisure visitors chose the destination solely because of The Hobbit.
“While the movie ends, the interest in the destination will not just drop off. So there is a lot we want to keep doing to not just keep the momentum going, but to accelerate it as well,” Tourism New Zealand’s Asia general manager, David Craig, told TTG Asia.
The destination marketing body is in particular targeting Asia, where New Zealand is “gaining momentum in interest” especially from Singapore, India and China, from which arrivals are rising by up to 25%, year-on-year. With a beefed-up budget kicking in from July 2015, Craig said that depending on the circumstances of individual markets, Tourism New Zealand will engage in a bigger number of trade activities, more fam trips and improved air access.
TTG Asia
[image courtesy Tourism New Zealand]