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Photo: Tourism New Zealand

New Zealand tourism bounces back after attacks

The travel trade working with inbound tourism says it has been humbled by the solidarity and support shown by colleagues and by visitors.

Two months after the Christchurch shootings, and Tourism New Zealand says it has seen no impact on arrivals and is resuming destination marketing activities, TTG Asia reports.

The destination last week hosted its biggest tourism event, Trenz, with a larger buyer turnout than last year.

“I heard of no cancellations whatsoever following the incident,” Peter Davies, general manager of Anzcrow New Zealand, told TTG Asia at the event, adding that on the contrary, travellers are showing their sympathies and solidarity and continuing to travel to the country.

Sophie Walker, director of the marketing company Connect NZ Tourism, there were “probably some cancellations or change of travel plans” but these were short-term.

What stood out for her was how the nation’s prime minister acted in the aftermath, including her efforts to reach out to the media and disseminate key information and updates.

“The response from the media and industry was amazing and really focused on the positive things […] and showing that New Zealand is truly a multicultural destination,” she said.

“Right after the incident, Tourism New Zealand and the Tourism Industry of Aotaerea sent out information to businesses on what they could do to mitigate a negative event like that. They flooded the media with positive stories that are happening in the industry to squash the bad news.”

Steven Dixon, Tourism New Zealand regional manager for South and South East Asia, commented: “The way the community showed their solidarity was quite humbling and the incident has not impacted arrivals. In some markets like the US, we have seen a massive increase in people wanting to come and live in New Zealand.”

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