New Zealand tourism unveils tourism masterplan

Tourism 2025 is a ten-year framework for the industry

Details of Tourism 2025, a strategy to make tourism a NZ$41 billion (US$35.5 billion) industry by 2025, have been released by the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand.

Tourism 2025 was developed to provide an overall vision and framework for the development of the industry. The association is an independent body made up of tour operators in New Zealand. Through the new masterplan, it is responding to a fall in New Zealand’s tourism performance over the last decade.

Kevin Bowler, chief executive of Tourism New Zealand, said his office would target high-yield visitors, special interest and business events. A budget of NZ$34 million has been set aside to promote the country for MICE and NZ$20 million to promote and target the upscale market for the next four years.

“There are five areas of development, which are: improve connectivity; prioritise insight so that we can drive and track progress; target value; improve visitor experience; and grow productivity and improve profitability,” Grant Lilly, chairman of the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand, said.

“Although our industry generates NZ$24 billion in annual expenditure and NZ$10 billion in export earnings, tourism has not had an effective strategic framework for some time.”

He added: “Ten years ago tourism was growing strongly at about 6% a year, and it was the country’s number one export earner. Although performance was up in the last two years, there is a need to develop a sustainable growth path of tourism.”

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[pictured: Air New Zealand “The Hobbit” livery]