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NextJet bankrupt, BRA offers rebooking

Following the bankruptcy of the Swedish airline NextJet, another airline is offering rebooking for payment.

In the wake of the bankruptcy of the Swedish airline NextJet on Wednesday, the domestic carrier BRA has jumped in to offer stranded passengers the chance to book a flight – for SEK 498 (€48).

BRA is offering NextJet customers with departures from May 16 to 20 on the routes Umeå-Gothenburg, Gothenburg-Umeå, Sundsvall-Gothenburg or Gothenburg-Sundsvall to rebook by calling their customer centre, after presenting their NextJet ticket.

The price is for travel to the final destination, regardless of the type of NextJet ticket. BRA’s flights are all via Stockholm Bromma, “which means a quick change” via Bromma, BRA says.

Meanwhile, NextJet advises all passengers who have booked a flight to contact their travel agent or card issuer for further handling.

Deeply regrettable
Nextjet AB and Nextjet Sverige AB announced on Wednesday that they were settling all payments and applying for bankruptcy. All flights from 13:00 were cancelled.

NextJet operated across large parts of Sweden, from north to south. Now, however, its activities have now stopped and its customer service is closed until further notice.

“It is deeply regrettable that the board has been forced to make this decision,” its chief executive Magnus Ivarsson said in a press release. “Especially for our passengers who are directly affected by this and for our staff, but also for our suppliers and partners.”

“We have done everything in our power to find a solution, but unfortunately not succeeded. What’s happening now is that a bankruptcy manager will be appointed who will decide on the future of the companies.”

The company flew between Stockholm and airports such as Gällivare, Arvidsjaur, Lycksele, Vilhelmina, Hemavan, Örnsköldsvik and Kramfors. The routes Luleå-Tromsö and Luleå-Sundsvall-Gothenburg were also operated, as were several routes to Finland.

According to Ralf Lundberg, airport director at Arvidsjaur, the carrier has total liabilities of SEK 14-15 million (€1.36 million to €1.46 million) to airports around the country, including SEK 1.6 million to Arvidsjaur Airport, Swedish television SVT reports.

The bankruptcy comes in the wake of a situation last autumn, when the Swedish Transport Agency had to temporarily withdraw the airline’s operating license due to its poor finances. The license was returned to the company in November after a capital injection of SEK 40 million was received and a number of aircraft were sold out.

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