No black metal star for Norwegian

Murdered black metal star’s family declines Norwegian tailfin

Conveniently for Norwegian, the family of murdered black metal musician Øystein Aarseth, also known also as Euronymous, has said no to the idea of putting his picture on the tailfin of one of the airline’s planes, despite the musician topping an online survey. The decision solves a potential selection headache for the airline.
As reported, a poll was launched by the low-cost airline to decide which of Norway’s heroes should be painted onto the tailfin. The carrier launched the campaign to celebrate its first ten years in the air. Aarseth, formerly the lauded guitarist with the black metal band Mayhem, led the vote ahead of prime ministers, sportspeople and actors. He died in 1993 at the age of 25, after being stabbed 23 times by bandmate Varg Vikernes. Black metal is considered one of Norway’s key cultural exports.
The jury in Oslo now has five final candidates: marathon runner Grete Waitz, actress Wenche Foss, impressionist painter Johan Fredrik “Frits” Thaulow, 19th century revivalist minister Hans Nielsen Hauge, and popular Romany preacher Ludvig Walentin Karlsen.
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[pictured: Norwegian Boeing 737-800; courtesy Norwegian]


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