No more “final boarding calls” for passengers

Measures implemented to reduce noise in terminal

As a result of feedback from both employees and passengers at Oslo Airport, measures are being put into action to reduce noise in the terminal from Monday April 7. One of the measures is to end final calls for passengers.

“The noise from public announcements in the terminal is a challenge, for both passengers and employees,” said Knut Holen, terminal operations director. “We are taking this feedback seriously, and will install a completely new PA system. With the traffic volume we have at Oslo Airport, final calls have become a source of noise instead of information.”

An automatic PA system will be installed in cooperation with both airlines and handling companies. It will make announcements only in the immediate gate area and not in the entire terminal.

“Noise will be considerably reduced, resulting in a better travel experience for passengers and a better working day for employees,” Holen explained.

“It is of course the passengers’ responsibility to get on the plane at the scheduled time, but we will do everything in our power to give them the information they need. This is why we will replace final calls with general information on screens, the OSL app and automated check-in machines. In addition, passengers already receive good information from airlines and tour operators.”

TTG Nordic

[photo by Øyvind Markussen; courtesy Oslo Airport]

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