No more Lufthansa strikes until end of July

Pilots union says it will enter mediation with Lufthansa
German pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit has taken a step towards a possible peace settlement with Lufthansa, following a long-running series of damaging strikes. It says it is willing to accept a proposal from Lufthansa to enter mediation with the airline to resolve issues such as pay, ruling out further strikes until the end of July.
“No strikes are planned until then,” a union spokesman said, a decision Lufthansa welcomed.
No strikes have taken place since the crash of a Germanwings plane in March, an incident that appears to have encouraged greater harmony among Lufthansa staff and may bring an end to pay disputes.
There have been 15 strikes over the pay issue, costing Lufthansa over €240 million in lost profits up to the end of March, plus €58 million in lost bookings in Q2.
[photo courtesy Lufthansa]

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