No rabies risk on bat flying inside plane

No passengers had physical contact with inflight bat

Passengers on a Delta Air Lines flight last August may have been intimidated by a bat caught inside the cabin and swooping around, but there is no evidence to say that anyone was exposed to rabies, health inspectors confirm. A passenger eventually trapped the bat in one of the toilets. The pilots returned to Madison, Wisconsin, instead of flying on to Atlanta. But as soon as the flight landed and the door was opened, the bat flew out of the cabin and into the airport terminal. It later escaped before any tests for rabies could be made.
All but five of the 50 passengers were later interviewed and it was ascertained that none had any physical contact with the bat or exposure to its saliva, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
[pictured: Big eared townsend bat; courtesy PD-USGov]