No warning for future Berlin strikes

But union says no strikes at least until Sunday
As Berlin’s two airports struggle to return to normal after three damaging days of strikes, ground staff say they will not walk out again until at least Sunday evening. But any future strikes will have no warning.
The most recent strike at Schönefeld and Tegel airports ended early this morning.
“We decided to have this break in strikes in order to give the employers a further period of reflection,” said Enrico Rümker, chief negotiator for the union Verdi.
Rümker added that the union would no longer give warning before any possible future strikes. He explained that this was because Ryanair and other airlines deployed strike-breakers to work at Schönefeld.
Verdi wants €1 more per hour for its long-term ground crews, who currently earn €11 per hour on average. Protestors for the union have been carrying signs that say, “Low cost, low safety”.
dpa / The Local


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