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More Nordic-Asia flights (via Helsinki)

The Swedish airline BRA is to launch a fourth route to Helsinki, to connect with Finnair flights further east.

Swedish airline BRA will launch a route between Malmö and Helsinki, allowing passengers from the Øresund region including Copenhagen to fly direct to Helsinki and from there to Asia.

It is part of Finnair’s efforts to attract passengers from Scandinavia to its extensive grid network, especially to Russia and Asia.

BRA’s six times weekly route from April 16 between Malmö and Helsinki will help to bring passengers to the growing Helsinki hub, from which Finnair has a large number of routes to the east.

BRA has also increased the number of flights to Helsinki from Umeå and Stockholm-Bromma by 40% since the start of the year.

And from May, Norway’s Widerøe will fly passengers to Helsinki from Tromsø and Bergen with its new Embraer E190-E2 aircraft on behalf of Finnair.

“We have now entered a new and exciting phase of our cooperation with BRA, which will give both business and leisure travellers in the region fantastic connections to Asia and Europe. This is another part of our investment in Sweden, where we have already increased our flights from Bromma and Umeå this year,” says Robert Lönnblad, Finnair sales manager in Scandinavia.

The flights from Malmö depart at 11:45 with arrival in Helsinki at 14:30 local time, fitting well with the big traffic wave to Asia. Return flights take place at 15:30 with arrival in Malmö at 16:15.

Nordic feed
Finnair flies from Copenhagen, Billund, Stockholm Arlanda, Gothenburg and Oslo direct to Helsinki. The agreements with BRA and Widerøe, will also feed passengers to the Asia network from a number of regional airports in Scandinavia.

Helsinki became the seventh largest destination from Copenhagen Airport in 2017 with a total of 878,083 passengers, 10.7% more year-on-year.

Although figures from Norwegian are included, it is not wrong to assume that a significant part of the passengers to and from Helsinki are in transit to Asia.

With Malmö-Helsinki, BRA has its fourth route to Finland, after Umeå, Stockholm Bromma and, in the summer months, Visby.

The new Malmø route includes a codeshare, so that you can fly on Finnair route numbers all the way from Malmö via Helsinki to the final destination, such as Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, and Moscow or St Petersburg.

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