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Brønnum in Copenhagen, one of Europe's best cocktail bars

Nordic and Baltic cocktail bars among Europe’s 50 best

As many as nine cocktail bars across the Nordic and Baltic region are among the top 50 in the European Union.

Cocktail bars across the Nordic and Baltic region have done well in a new listing of the best 50 in the European Union, with one of them coming as high as second.

The ranking’s compiler, the site Big 7 Travel, made sure that every EU state had at least one entry before putting the selection to its 1.5 million readers and a panel of experts, while also factoring in online reviews and media coverage.

The list takes account of Europe’s world-class mixologists, plush décor and creative cocktails. It also reminds readers that social media play a huge part in food and drinks trends – a search for ‘cocktail’ on Instagram returns more than 10.7 million hashtags.

Both Denmark and Sweden have two entries in the top 50, but there are no mentions from Norway. Finland has one bar in the list, Latvia has two and Latvia and Lithuania have one each.

In Copenhagen, Balderdash appears in 29th place, described as “a cosy bar nestled in the centre of old Copenhagen with whimsical and classic cocktails”.

At 14th is Brønnum in the Danish capital, because “this wonderful cocktail bar has recently been renovated which only adds to the charm of the old building that houses it. The drinks are absolutely unreal and only matched by the friendly and affable staff.”

Midway in the list at 25th is Tweed Bar in Stockholm, “a super comfortable bar where the focus is on the quality of the liquids that they put in your glass”.

Second in Europe
But up in 2nd spot is Stockholm’s aptly named Pharmarium, “a bar where the drinks are the absolute star of the show (and that’s alongside everything else being perfect, too). A cocktail here will ruin you, as you’ll never want one from anywhere else every again. It’s a beauty.”

Goldfish in central Helsinki finds itself in 18th place, “one of the most stunningly designed bars you will ever walk into and things don’t change when you start with the drinks”, which “taste even better than they look”.

The Baltic bars in the lineup are Black Magic in Riga in 17th spot, Sazerac Bar in Tallinn at 27th, the exclusive XIII in Riga at 45th and the raucous Alchemikas in Vilnius in 47th place.

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