Nordic border checks slowed by drunks on ferries

Problem is especially great on sailings to Kristiansand
The increase in border control checks in Scandinavia has hit an unexpected problem – the large number of drunk passengers sailing by ferry.
Norwegian police are complaining that the efforts to check everyone arriving by ferry from Denmark are being prevented by “extremely drunk” passengers. At the port of Kristiansand, officers are having to put too much energy into controlling inebriated arrivals.
Some passengers are too drunk to find their travel documents or converse with officers, Agder Police spokesman Jan Vidar Ødegaard told Norwegian broadcaster NRK.
“We are surprised by how many of them are extremely drunk. Under these conditions, we don’t have the ability to carry out good and effective border controls,” he said.
“One of the passengers had to be put in handcuffs and taken to the station after assaulting a guard. There was also a woman who had to be taken away by ambulance.”
Police say the problem is especially acute on Color Line sailings between Hirtshals and Kristiansand.
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