Nordic business fliers say no to low-cost long-haul

Survey: flying to Asia or US on low-cost airlines would not be popular

Most business travellers would not use low-cost airlines to reach distant destinations in Asia or North America, according to a new survey by Resegeometri. In its latest travel industry report, “Forecast & Travel Behaviour 2012”, the Scandinavian travel research company assessed the likelihood that more than 3000 Nordic business travellers would use budget airlines on long distance – when or if this will be a reality.
Based on their experience of budget airlines, half say a definite “no” to using them in this context; 38% say it’s fairly likely that they will do it; only 12% say it’s very likely. Most averse to using budget airlines on long haul are Swedish business travellers, with 55% saying it’s not at all likely they’ll do it. The least negative opinions are found in Denmark where 42% say it’s not at all likely.
“Only a low price is not enough to flirt with the business travel market on destinations like Asia and the US,” Jan Borg, vice president at Resegeometri Nordic, commented.
[photo: Swedavia/Tommy Säfström; courtesy Stockholm Arlanda]