Nordic Choice to boost presence in Denmark

Norwegian tycoon eyes historic Copenhagen building
Nordic Choice Hotels is planning a big move in Copenhagen, according to Danish broadcaster TV2 Business, buying the former Post Danmark building near Copenhagen Central Station with a view to converting it into a luxury hotel.
It will be a 25,000sqm luxury hotel with around 380 rooms, to open in less than two years from now.
Owned by Norwegian billionaire Petter Stordalen, Nordic Choice is one of Scandinavia’s biggest chains, with around 170 hotels. Most of these properties are in Norway and Sweden, with only five currently in Denmark.
Converting the Post Danmark building would, TV2 Business says, make Nordic Choice the sixth largest hotel chain in Denmark.
Stordalen is no stranger to press headlines. Last year, he banned the Nordic staples sausages and bacon from his hotel menus, only to reinstate them a week later because of the public outcry. The billionaire has also offered 5,000 nights at his hotels to refugees.
Earlier this year, he suggested that Denmark, Norway and Sweden should unite into one large country.
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