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Nordic cities uninteresting for millennials

The world’s best 20 cities for millennials are named – and none are Scandinavian.

The world’s best cities for millennials have been revealed in a new study that looked at factors such as housing affordability, quality of the nightlife, the economy, immigration tolerance and youth migration.

For its most recent list, the furnished apartment search engine Nestpick delved deeper into what it thought millennials really care about.

However, in its top 20 best cities for millennials, none from the Nordic region appear, giving the impression that Scandinavian destinations must do more to attract this increasingly innovative type of traveller.

For example, although they often get negative press for their perceived sense of entitlement and apathy, most millennials care more about housing and human rights than partying, Nestpick says.

Work and play
With these and other interests in mind, Nestpick’s 2018 Millennial Cities Ranking analysed 110 cities, taking four main concerns into consideration: Is there work available? Can you afford to live a good life? Is the city open and tolerant? And can you have fun?

World’s best cities for millennials Top 20:
1. Berlin, Germany
2. Montréal, Canada
3. London, United Kingdom
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
5. Toronto, Canada
6. Vancouver, Canada
7. Barcelona, Spain
8. New York City, USA
9. Cologne, Germany
10. Manchester, United Kingdom
11. Hamburg, Germany
12. Bristol, United Kingdom
13. San Francisco, USA
14. Austin, USA
15. Paris, France
16. Miami, USA
17. Munich, Germany
18. Lisbon, Portugal
19. Glasgow, United Kingdom
20. Madrid, Spain

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