Nordic city one of world’s top 10 friendliest places

Praised for “deep sense of culture, intellect, sophistication”
The weather may not be too warm and sunny in Reykjavik, but the people are among the friendliest and most culturally sophisticated on Earth, according to Conde Nast Traveller and its readers.
“Like nowhere else in Europe,” the world’s most northerly capital city is “an eye-opening experience as to the Icelanders’ ability to make the most of an inhospitable climate” with their “deep sense of culture, intellect, sophistication, and friendliness,” one reader wrote.
“The hospitality was amazing, no matter who you met,” another reader said. One more declared: “Reykjavik is hip, and the locals like to party!”
The Icelandic capital was named the tenth friendliest place to visit in the world. The top ten is based on a million votes from 77,000 readers, aiming to find the destinations worldwide that offer the warmest welcome to tourists. Sydney is number one, followed by Dublin at number two. Two cities in Eastern Europe are also in the list.
But Conde Nast Traveller also names the ten least welcoming cities on Earth, a list that includes Caracas, Casablanca, Guangzhou, Moscow and Jakarta.
Top 10 friendliest cities in the world:
1. Sydney, Australia
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. Queenstown, New Zealand
4. Kraków, Poland
5. Bruges, Belgium
6. Edinburgh, Scotland
7. Kyoto, Japan
8. Budapest, Hungary
9. Auckland, New Zealand
10. Reykjavik, Iceland
Top 10 unfriendliest cities in the world
1. Caracas, Venezuela
2. Casablanca, Morocco
3. Guangzhou, China
4. Guatemala City, Guatemala
5. Nairobi, Kenya
6. New Delhi, India
7. Cairo, Egypt
8. Moscow, Russia
9. Jakarta, Indonesia
10. Cannes, France
Conde Nast Traveller

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