New Nordic Cuisine Banner Raised in Copenhagen

Excellence in cuisine is attracting American and other food-loving tourists’ attention.

Copenhagen is attracting foodie tourists with its New Nordic restaurants serving original, mouth-watering cuisine to food lovers from around the world. A major pillar in the New Nordic movement is Noma in the Christianshavn district and its chef Rene Redzepi. It is now number one in the list of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants,” according to a poll by the Italian water company S. Pellegrino, prompting more than 100,000 reservation requests within days of the poll’s release this spring.

“It’s important for the food to show where in the world you are,” Redzepi explains. “The great thing about Copenhagen is it’s a big city, a capital, but you can get in a car and in 30 minutes be in a field, forest or shoreline.” He likes to serve live crustaceans, the shrimps wriggling on a pile of crushed ice and served with a brown butter emulsion.

A younger generation of chefs is adjusting some of the New Nordic movement’s themes, placing greater importance on colours, temperatures and flavour combinations rather than on finding different herbs. This is the guiding principle behind the new restaurant AOC, which already has a Michelin star. Other new restaurants, such as Relae on Jaegersborggade and Kodbyens Fiskebar in Vesterbro, aswell as longer-established ones such as Søllerød Kro (pictured) are basing their dishes under the New Nordic Cuisine banner, turning Copenhagen into a culinary mecca for tourists.

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