Nordic destinations are “hot” for 2017

Aarhus, Finland, Lofoten Islands on “hot list”
Nordic destinations are among the hottest worldwide for 2017, in a list published by influential newspaper The Guardian: Aarhus, Finland and the Lofoten Islands.
Denmark’s second-largest city Aarhus “has been on the rise for a couple of years, thanks to its support for the arts and a Michelin-star food scene led by restaurants such as Frederikshøj, Substans, Gastromé and Domestic”, the article says.
But 2017 is a big year, as Aarhus will be European Capital of Culture, shared with Paphos in Cyprus, and has so many events taking place that its program guide runs to 500 pages.
Highlights include a music and dance collaboration between choreographer Wayne McGregor, the Paris Opera Ballet and Jamie XX in April; a vast Viking saga on the roof of Moesgaard Museum in early summer; and a music, light and 3D projection called Watermusic at the harbour in September.
Finland celebrates its 100th birthday this year with events including the World Figure Skating Championships, a major exhibition on Finnish Modernism at the Helsinki Art Museum and a nationwide festival of Finnish cuisine.
The country is also adding a 40th national park – Hossa, near the Russian border, popular for kayakers and cross-country skiers – and a new island, Vallisaari, near Helsinki, which had previously been open only for military personnel.
Norway’s Lofoten Islands, meanwhile, already seeing a boom because of the massive global success of Frozen, is likely to get even more attention with Downsizing, a sci-fi comedy starring Matt Damon. For the worldwide 2017 “hot list” in full, click here.
The Guardian