Nordic ferries suffer damning TV report

TV crew checks cleanliness of Denmark-Norway ferries
Norway’s biggest television channel TV 2 is blowing a storm into the calm waters between Denmark and Norway, by checking the cleanliness of three popular ferry services and broadcasting the results.
Bergen-based TV 2, which is owned by Copenhagen-based Scandinavian media company Egmont Group, made its own checks on three ferries that dock in Oslo: Stena Saga (Stena Line), DFDS Crown Seaways (DFDS Seaways) and Color Fantasy (Color Line).
On checking into a ‘clean’ cabin on the ferries, passengers are likely to find many traces of earlier occupants – semen, bloodstains, hairs, nasal mucus and crumbs from food. On both Stena Saga and Crown Seaways, semen was found on the walls above the beds.
“That’s not the way it should be,” Stena Line’s communications manager, Jesper Waltersson, told the television crew.
But Stena Saga seemed to be the worst offender. The crew found many stains and mildewed mattresses that could make guests ill. The operator said it had been planning to get new mattresses before the TV 2 investigation.
The team used an ATP test to measure microorganisms on the rooms’ surfaces. On all ferries they found far higher levels than what qualifies as ‘clean’. On Stena Saga, the level was 200 times higher than the recommended level.
Stena Line and DFDS Seaways vowed to review their cleaning protocols and bring in experts to improve hygiene levels. Color Line said it would buy ATP kits. The TV2 Norge report can be seen here.
The Local