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Nordic heatwave hits last-minute deals

Tour operators selling trips to the Mediterranean have cut their prices by as much half.

Record temperatures across the Nordic and Baltic region during May and continuing into June have hit the outbound tourism sector, as people decide to stay at home to soak up the sun rather than book last-minute trips to Mediterranean where destinations have had mixed or disappointing weather.

Because of this trend prices have dropped, the Swedish news agency TT and The Local report, and anyone looking for a holiday in the coming weeks is likely to find a better deal than would normally be available – and certainly better than last year’s wet summer.

Many charter travellers booked their vacations abroad months ago, but it seems that those who opted to leave it to the last minute are continuing to stay away from the travel agencies.

“Our prices to the Mediterranean have fallen by 25% in May compared to last year. There are plenty of last-minute trips at good prices right now, but it can change very quickly because of the weather,” Clara Larsson of the tour operator Apollo in Sweden tells TT.

Low prices – for now
TT quotes similar remarks from Adelina Dankova from the operator Tui. But for now the effect appears to be temporary.

“Right now, prices are affected by the hot weather up to midsummer. After midsummer, pricing seems to be back to the levels we had last summer,” she says.

A similar effect is evident in Denmark, where tickets to popular destinations have been selling at half price. Those who are looking for a bargain trip to Greece, Turkey or Italy have had a slice of luck.

“It’s not the best weather for the charter industry. If I said it was I’d be lying,” Stig Elling of Bravo Tours tells the Danish news agency Ritzau.

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