Nordic hotel accused of racism against guest

Swedish expert on Roma community is denied breakfast

A Swedish expert on the Roma community invited by the Swedish government to speak at the release of a new white paper on Roma discrimination has herself been discriminated against.

Diana Nyman, chairman of the Roma Council in Gothenburg, was scheduled to speak at the event when she was refused access to the breakfast room at Stockholm’s Sheraton hotel. She was forced to drink coffee in the lobby instead.

The government chose the Sheraton to accommodate her as it is close to government buildings. Nyman, 45, wore a traditional wide black skirt and frilly blouse. A staff member refused her access to the breakfast room.

“Even after I showed that I’d paid for breakfast the staff insisted that I stay in the lobby,” she told the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. “They got me coffee so I could drink it there instead.”

A government spokesperson said the incident would lead his office to revise its agreements with the Sheraton.

Dagens Nyheter / The Local

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