Nordic leisure travel companies more pessimistic

Danes are the most pessimistic, Norwegians the most optimistic

The research firm Resegeometri has released its latest Nordic Travel Industry Expectancy Index, described as an independent temperature gauge on Nordic travel companies’ confidence, both in their own segment of the travel industry (micro) and in the travel industry’s overall economic development (macro). In the index for January, pessimism is clearly growing among travel companies on three out of four Nordic markets on both the macro and micro levels. Danish travel companies are the most pessimistic and Norwegian travel companies are the most optimistic. Nordic travel companies are in general much more optimistic about their own company’s development then they are about the development of the travel industry.
Jan Borg, vice president at Resegeometri, said that in comparison with the previous index in November 2011, the most remarkable thing is that “Nordic travel companies focusing solely on leisure travel have become significantly more pessimistic […] while travel companies with a business travel focus have become somewhat more optimistic.”
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